Ontario - Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls, has been a major tourist Mecca since the mid-19th century

Straddling the US/Canadian border, Niagara Falls attracts approximately 12 million tourists per year.

The Falls themselves give off a round-the-clock roar, a refreshing - and surprisingly far-reaching - mist, and a reminder of just how wondrous our natural world is.

From the marvel of gazing at the falls from innumerable look-out points to adrenaline-fueled activities like whitewater jet boats, there are many ways to experience them, including an array of Niagara Falls attractions for all ages.

For those that long to get up close to the falls, don a famous blue poncho and jump aboard the Maid of the Mist to go right up to the base of Niagara Falls, walk behind them at 'Journey Behind the Falls', or fly over them on a helicopter ride. And that's just the beginning.

The falls nightly illumination means you can enjoy them anywhere you have a falls view. Every Friday-Sunday during the summer months and on special occasions, Falls Fireworks add a little extra colour to the display.

Niagara Falls is more than just fast travelling water; it is also full of activities for almost everyone. With vineyards, world-class golf courses, fun for the kids at Clifton Hill, fine dining and casual eateries, casinos and live entertainment and hiking trails, Niagara Falls will not disappoint.

Getting there:

Routing How long by train?
Toronto - Niagara 1hr 54mins
Buffalo - Niagara 1hr 10mins