Canada Wildlife & Adventure Packages

Grizzly Bears of Knight Inlet Lodge

3 Days/2 Nights: Experience the pristine wilderness of the Grizzly Bear

Beluga Whales, Bears and Blooms (Adventurer)

6 Days/5 Nights: A combination of incredible wildlife viewing and cultural explorations.

Birds, Bears and Belugas

8 Days/7 Nights: This package combines the thrill of swimming with beluga whales with a safari of summer polar bear viewing

Churchill Town & Tundra Polar Bear Safari (Adventurer)

5 Days/4 Nights: Step onboard The Tundra and watch majestic polar bears, and other arctic wildlife.

Churchill Town & Tundra Polar Bear Safari (Enthusiast)

6 Days/5 Nights: Experience first hand the excitement of polar bear viewing unescorted

Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point (Enthusiast)

5 Days/4 Nights: Explore the largest concentration of polar bears in Churchill.

Big Five Safari (Enthusiast)

8 Days/7 Nights: Discover Manitoba’s own Big Five: moose, black bear, bison, beluga whale, and polar bear.