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Search for Manitoba's five biggest mammals: black bear, moose, bison, beluga whale and polar bear

Season 2020-2021

Experience the spectacular wildlife of Manitoba with an adventure from the dense forests of Riding Mountain National Park to the colourful tundra of Churchill. The Frontiers North Big Five Safari is a nod to the incredible array of megafauna that populate the forests, tundra and rivers of this beautiful province. 

The journey begins in Winnipeg, the geographic centre of North America. From there you will travel overland to Riding Mountain National Park. This rich wilderness in the midst of Manitoba's prairie landscape cover over 3,000km2 of rolling hills and valleys. Bold boreal forest, expanses of meadows and lakes, lofty heights and deep gorges of the Manitoba Escarpment is home to moose, black bears, and a captive bison herd, not to mention hundreds of bird species, wolves and elk. 

After enjoying the serene landscape of Manitoba's southern plains travel north to Churchill where the boreal forest gives way to the rugged and barren tundra and where we will set out in search of the Lords of the Arctic: the mighty polar bear, and the canaries of the sea: beluga whales. 

Well-paced day-to-day activities, comfortable accommodations, distinctive cuisine, and the opportunity to see a wide array of wildlife makes this adventure a wildlife enthusiasts dream!

8 Days / 7 Nights

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